Terms and Conditions of Business

Client Care and Quality Assurance

These terms and conditions set out the terms on which we will act for you and are provided to comply with the quality standards recommended by the Bar Standards Board and as part of this chamber's commitment to clarity of fees and quality of service. These terms do not affect the statutory and common law rules governing barristers' business although if there is a conflict these terms take precedence so far as permitted.

Barristers' Code of Conduct

We are authorised and regulated by the Bar Standards Board. The rules of the Bar Standards Board can be accessed at http://www.barcouncil.org.uk

Barristers' New Standard Contractual terms

As from 31st January 2013 1 Mitre Court Buildings adopted the Bar Council New Standard Contractual Terms. As from January 2014 1 Mitre Court Buildings also adopted the Bar Council Contractual Terms for Civil (Non-Family) Legal Aid work. These terms can be accessed at:

Our clerks will be happy to discuss the terms for any specific piece of work.