Interests of Child Prevails over Sentence of Imprisonment for Child Cruelty

Jacqueline Lule successfully acted in the appeal of Asia Parveen, a mother of 3 children aged 8 months 2 years and 11 years, who had been sentenced to 9 months imprionment for child cruelty.  The case was widey reported in papers such as the Daily Mail. 

On appeal, the balance of the sentence was suspended for two years, meaning her immediate release. The Court said that it would be a rare case where the interests of the child would prevail over the proper enforcement of the criminal law. However, there was more to say in this case, where the Appellant had done intensive work with Social Services to understand the issues that had led to the offence, and Social Services were accordingly of the view that it was in the victim's best interests that she be returned to the care of her mother.