Lord Gifford QC Continues a Busy and Varied Practice in Jamaica Including a Number of Human Rights Issues

Our head of Chambers, Lord Gifford QC, continues a busy and varied practice including a number of human rights issues as well as recently appearing before the Privy Council to defend a judgment.

Our head of Chambers, Lord Gifford QC, continues a busy and varied practice in Jamaica, including a number of human rights issues. He is lead counsel in a petition to the Inter American Committee for Human Rights, seeking to invalidate Jamaica’s laws which criminalise homosexual acts between men. He is also about to invoke the jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice in a case to be brought against Trinidad & Tobago and Beliize, where the immigration laws include “homosexuals” as a category of prohibited immigrants. At the same time he is also lead counsel in a freedom of expression case, challenging the decisoin of all the major television networks in Jamaica to refuse to air a short video promoting tolerance of gay men.

In other fields, Lord Gifford is due to appear before the Privy Council to defend a judgment in the sum of J$1.8 billion (US$25 million)which he obtained for the National Transport Co-operative Society against the Government of Jamaica, following the Government’s breach of contract relating to the bus franchises granted in Kingston. He is representing the Director of Public Prosecutions in a case arising from the corruption trial of a former minister, challenging a ruling by a Resident Magistrate that she must give evidence on subpoena. The subpoena was set aside by the Supreme Court, but the magistrate has appealed.

Also pending appeal is the case of a security guard for whom Lord Gifford obtained damages after she was shot while on duty; and the case of a bank customer who was persuaded by her securities adviser to invest money in a fraudulent scheme.

Lord Gifford’s appearances in the Privy Council include cases of defamation, trade union rights, pension schemes, shooting by the police, and criminal law.

Lord Gifford maintains his practice in London, where he is presently instructed on cases of malicious prosecution and defamation.