High Court Dismisses Unusual Application in Long-Running and Complex Litigation

In Hawk Recovery Ltd v Halls [2016] EWHC 1307 (Ch) the High Court heard an application by the Claimant company for an order that the property in which the Defendants live be sold to pay a debt for which they had been made bankrupt.

Master Matthews described the application as "another stage in long-running and complex litigation, played out in many different actions in various courts, of which the Defendants complain as a vendetta conducted against them and their daughter Natasha Eustace, and said even by judges to be orchestrated by Paul Baxendale-Walker, her former lover."

However, in a detailed judgment handed down today he concluded that "greater justice is achieved by allowing the Defendants to continue in possession of the Property pending the hearing of the appeals".

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The Defendants were represented by Benjamin Hawkin.