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Jackie Bond has specialised in asylum and immigration law since she was called to the Bar in 1994. She has been instructed to appear before all levels of Courts and Tribunals. Jackie has a particular interest in humanitarian cases and in representing members of the persecuted Church. Jackie is a member of the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship.  


Some of Jackie's past cases include:

Ahmed v SSHD [2005] EWCA Civ 583:

AA was a single vulnerable female from Ethiopia. The Court of Appeal remitted the case (which had been the Country Guidance case on this issue) to the Upper Tribunal. This was one of the first cases in which previous favourable credibility findings were 'ring-fenced' by the Court. The appeal was allowed by the UT and AA was subsequently granted ILR.

CL (Vietnam) v SSHD [2008] EWCA Civ 1551:

CL was a young Vietnamese man who had arrived in the UK as a 13 year old with his 14 year old brother. Although CL's inital application for ELR/DL was refused by SSHD, CL succeeded in his appeal under Article 8 of the ECHR. SSHD then appealed to the UT. Before the Upper Tribunal, SSHD argued that the Judge had erred in considering the reception and care arrangements in respect of the removal of a UASC as part of the appeal, when this was a matter for SSHD to consider only at the point of removal. Allowing CL's appeal and overturning BV (Vietnam) [2004] UKIAT 00148, the Court of Appeal held that SSHD could not reserve the assessment of reception and care arrangements until after the appeals process was exhausted, and that this important consideration fell within the issues to be decided by a Judge seized of an appeal on human rights grounds.

TO (Nigeria) v SSHD [2007] EWCA Civ 1395:

TO was a mother of three British children who had been subject to deportation proceedings. She relied on the 7 year child concession and the significance of her children's British Citizenship. This case pre-dated ZH(Tanzania). The Court of Appeal granted permission to appeal, and the case was settled by consent. TO was later granted ILR.

Ozoemene and others v SSHD (Identity and Passport Service) [2013] EWHC 2167:

IO and his family members had all applied for British passports on the basis of documentation obtained from Nigeria. SSHD had seized and retained the British passports of three of the Claimants, and had refused to issue a passport to the 4th. Mr Justice Foskett held, allowing the Claimants' substantive application for Judicial Review, that the onus was on the IPS to take all reasonable steps to establish whether documents regarded as merely suspicious were genuine or not, and that "substantial and well-founded reasons" were needed before doubting the validity of documents.


Jackie is happy to review cases or provide a second opinion. Jackie tries to offer her clients an affordable service, and she has a flexible fees policy.