[photo] Jacqueline McIntosh (1987)Jacqueline McIntosh (1987)


Crime, Family, and Immigration


Jacqueline has extensive experience in family and criminal law and is an expert in both. For this reason she is often seen as the perfect advocate for cases that traverse both disciplines. Jacqueline is also privileged to sit as an Immigration Judge and a Chair with the Disability and Special Educational Needs Tribunal. The fact that her work covers four areas of legal disciplines is rare because of the complexities of them all but she is able to deal with each area of law with effortless ease.

Jacqueline was the first black Chair of the Disability and Special Educational Needs Tribunal when she was accepted in 1999/2000 and is considered to be a valuable member of the tribunal.

She has a particular reputation for enhanced client care, tactical insight and tenacity; this has also stood her in good stead when dealing with care cases and other aspects of family law. She has been involved in lengthy care cases in both the High Court and the Principal Registry acting on behalf of the parents. She also deals with private family law cases on a regular basis where she is able to promote compromise and sensibility during legal proceedings at a difficult and emotional time for the parents and arrive at solutions that are in the best interests of the child and ultimately the family.

Her sympathetic approach to advocacy has meant that she has a following amongst young offenders in crime; however she has often dealt with high profile cases including trials involving well known members of the rap music industry in the United Kingdom. More recently she dealt with the matter of theft of “Sponge Bob” the squirrel monkey that was successfully dealt with in the Court of Appeal.

Her criminal practice is extensive and covers all criminal activity including murder, firearm offences, grievous bodily harm, rape, drugs possession, importation and supply, fraud, burglary and major theft offences. She has carved out a niche for herself dealing with defendants that have mental health issues and on several occasions has been able to incorporate her knowledge of mental health issues when dealing with these particular cases. She is also regularly instructed in cases involving sexual offences including child abuse and other related matters.

Jacqueline’s interest in Education extends to her being a School Governor and Special Educational Needs Link Governor at a school. She is also concerned in Children’s charities, in particular the HCPT Pilgrimage Trust in relation to which she has been an active member in excess of twenty years and is currently the Regional Chair for the Metropolitan North West Region of that charity. Jacqueline sits on Exclusion and Appeals panels at different schools and her wealth of experience is invaluable.

Jacqueline has successfully completed British Sign Language (BSL) stage 1 and 2 courses.


  • Member of Inner Temple
  • Member of Criminal Bar Association
  • Member of the Family Law Bar Association
  • Immigration Judge
  • Chair of the Disability and Special Educational Needs Tribunal