Members of 1 Mitre Court Buildings’ Criminal Team have been very busy recently, dealing with cases arising out of the August 2011 UK riots.

Caroline Gassman, Pamela Rose, Jemima Ivens, Parveen Judge, Satnam Bains, Tanya MurshedGwawr Thomas and Jacob Bindman have all been representing in various courts across London in these cases, which have been raising unusual and complex legal and practical issues.

For an example of a successful outcome for a defendant represented by Tanya Murshed, see here.

For other media coverage of the riots, see here and here.

For the Lord Chief Justice’s sentencing guidelines for riots cases, given in R v Blackshaw and Others [2011] EWCA Crim 2312, see here.

For further information on the sentences being handed down by the courts in riots cases, see here.

If you wish to instruct Chambers in a riot-related case, please contact our clerks on 020 7452 8900 or