How we organise mini-pupillage at 1MCB Chambers is changing. We will accept applications for mini-pupillage during the month of January. Any applications received before or after January and/or with an incorrect ‘subject’ will not be considered.

Chambers offers mini-pupillages to students who are currently studying at degree level or who have completed their undergraduate studies. Mini-pupillages are three days long (usually Monday to Wednesday).

If you would like to apply for a mini-pupillage during 2020 please send an email to with the subject, “Application for mini-pupillage,” write a covering email of no more than three paragraphs and attach a copy of your CV.  In your covering email please tell us:

1. how many mini-pupillages you have done before;

2. why you want to do a mini-pupillage at 1MCB Chambers, and

3. any dates you cannot attend.

Mini-pupillages will be allocated giving preference to those candidates that have not completed a mini-pupillage and then to those who have only completed one mini-pupillage and so on. If we have too many applications from applicants who have not yet completed a mini-pupillage, we will consider the reasons you want to come to 1MCB Chambers for a mini-pupillage.

If you are successful we will email you further instructions by the end of February 2020.

Please note that we ask mini-pupils to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Please also note that we do not require you to have completed a mini-pupillage with us before applying for pupillage.

Please see our Privacy Policy for how we use and retain any personal data sent in applications.​

16-17 year old mini-pupillage opportunities

We will shortly be publishing further information about how to apply for a three day mini-pupillage experience in May half term.  If you are a teacher with students in the sixth form, or you are a sixth form student, yet to apply for university, please email for further information.

Please see our Privacy Policy for how we use and retain any personal data sent in applications.