Dangerous dogs & animal welfare

Dangerous Dogs Law

1MCB Chambers boasts a dedicated team specialising in dangerous dogs legislation.  Members of the team are experienced in working with experts to determine whether or not a particular dog is of a prohibited breed, or whether a dog was dangerously out of control or caused injury.  They regularly oppose – frequently successfully – the imposition of immediate destruction orders and make applications for the return of beloved pets to their owners.

Members appear in such cases at all levels, from the Magistrates Court, through the Crown Court, to the Divisional Court (by way of judicial review or appeals by way of case stated) and the Court of Appeal.  Some members also have experience of drafting submissions to the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

Animal Welfare Law

Team members have a deep concern for the welfare of animals and have therefore developed recognised expertise in the law that protects them.  At the same time, they are committed to ensuring that this law is fairly applied when defending.

Equine Law

Members provide advice and representation in all areas of equine law, including horse welfare, road traffic law, buying and selling, horse passports, professional and clinical negligence involving veterinary surgeons, lease and tenancy agreements, and regulatory law arising from the rules and disciplinary procedures of equestrian bodies.