Following the unprecedented changes being made to the procedures in immigration tribunals, 1MCB Chambers has prepared a guide to assist representatives. These changes impact every aspect of proceedings, from whether there will be a hearing at all, to the format of proceedings, to funding – particularly in cases that are publicly funded. 

The guide provides an overview of some of the key challenges, as well as practical advice for making applications and submissions within the new procedural framework. Summaries of applicable case law and links to guidance and additional resources are also included.

Whilst access to justice remains crucial during the Covid-19 pandemic, it must be practical and effective rather than theoretical or illusionary. We hope this guide provides a useful starting point and shortcut to ensure that the rights of appellants are enforced and protected. 

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve and in turn affects the response of the HMCTS and the judiciary, and we hope to update this guide as the situation develops. 

The most up to date version of the guide can be accessed here.