Mediation takes a variety of forms but all are focused on one goal: dispute resolution to which the parties can agree. Mediators in Chambers are all externally accredited and operate at the highest levels of proficiency.

Published studies of mediation cases show that, when the dispute in question has been judged to be suitable for mediation, the success rate is around 80%. These cases have been resolved with considerable savings in both time and money to the parties.

It is our experience that even where the parties believe that the matter is heading towards costly litigation they are surprised at how useful mediation can be in resolving contentious issues. The specialist mediators only ask that mediation be approached with an open mind!

The mediators at 1MCB will ensure that:

  • the process is kept confidential at all times;
  • the mediation is always run on a “without prejudice” basis;
  • specialist advice on the merits of each parties’ case is always provided in the strictest confidence.

Full support services are provided by our experienced clerks and administrative staff.