Lord Gifford QC, who represented the family of Jim Wray at the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, shared the moment of vindication of Jim Wray’s innocence with his four brothers and one sister, when the 10-volume report was published.

Jim Wray had been shot twice when fleeing from the soldiers as they rampaged through the Bogside. The Inquiry found that he had been “specifically targeted” as he fled. Having been brought to the ground by one shot, he was “deliberately” shot again while lying wounded on the ground.

One of the “most controversial” issues before the Inquiry was whether this deliberate second shot had been fired at a wounded man on the ground. The Inquiry upheld the case which the family’s legal team had put forward, based on forensic and eye witness evidence.

The families generally were satisfied with the clear findings made by Lord Saville, and with the apology of the Prime Minister.

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