Chambers is pleased to announce that Lucy Chapman has been selected for the Bar Council’s “I Am The Bar” scheme as a Social Mobility Advocate for 2021.

The scheme highlights barristers from diverse “non-traditional” backgrounds – state schooled, non-Oxbridge educated, often with characteristics that are underrepresented in the profession – with the aim of inspiring those from similar backgrounds, or who do not fit the common, outdated perception of what a barrister should be, to consider a career at the Bar.

Lucy’s journey to the Bar has been unconventional. A s a career changer, she was inspired to become a barrister after a number of years as a trade union representative, having worked in libraries, pubs, retail and the performing arts.  Asked why she had put herself forward for the scheme, Lucy explained “I hope to encourage others with disabilities and those from non-traditional backgrounds to consider the Bar.  It is vital for the public to see themselves and their experiences reflected in a diverse profession.”

You can read more about Lucy and why the scheme is important to her here.