Raymond Ali successfully defended his client (first on the indictment) who, along with seven others, was charged with possessing class A and class B drugs with intent to supply and possessing criminal property.

The prosecution alleged that the defendant’s premises (a small one-bedroom flat) was a ‘drugs den’ and that he, with the other defendants, used it as a base to package and supply drugs across county lines. Police raided the premises and found an assortment of drugs, together with drug paraphernalia. Some of the defendants tried to throw the drugs out of the premises.  Meanwhile, Raymond Ali’s client was found in his bedroom, under the duvet in bed.  The police believed that he was trying to hide and pretending to be asleep; his defence was that he had no knowledge of any criminal activity, and was drugged throughout from a concoction called ‘leem’.

The jury returned verdicts after some eight hours of deliberation. Two others were acquitted, three were convicted and the remaining two had pleaded before the trial.