The Defendant, a young man with no previous convictions, was charged with two offences of possessing identity documents with improper intention (a false passport and biometric residence permit). He was also charged with fraud by falsely representing to his employer that he was entitled to reside and work in the UK when his visa had expired. The fraud was valued at approximately £50,000.

His defence at trial was that, prior to his arrest, he had not seen or been in possession of any false identity documents. He had arrived in the country from West-Africa as a minor and met a man on the street who had arranged employment for him. It was advanced that this man, without his knowledge, used his genuine identity documents to create false documents showing an incorrect age and indefinite leave to remain status and sent these directly to the employer. He further denied knowingly making any representation to his employer that was untrue about his right to work and that he had acted dishonestly.

After a four-day trial at the Inner London Crown Court, the Defendant was acquitted of these charges. He was released from custody on the same day.

Tetevi was instructed by Linda Onyechi of Titan Solicitors.