The conviction of Victoire Ingabire, the opposition politician defended by Iain Edwards before the Supreme Court in Rwanda, has received a great deal of international attention and condemnation in recent months. The first instance trial has been criticised by Amnesty International in a dedicated report entitled Justice in Jeopardy: The First Instance Trial of Victoire Ingabire for failing to meet certain international fair trial standards. Human Rights Watch has also denounced the trial as being flawed and politically motivated.

On 23 May, the European Parliament adopted a resolution expressing its “deep concern at the initial trial of Victoire Ingabire” and strongly condemning “the politically motivated nature of the trial, the prosecution of political opponents and the prejudging of the trial outcome.”

Iain has been representing Mrs Ingabire since October 2010. The appeal before the Rwandan Supreme Court is about to enter its 12th week.